APRIl 20th to may 28th






Online Classes



For dancers (and their families!) looking to stay fit from home, easy-to-follow fitness videos are available to guide you through your workouts. 



Classical ballet is built on discipline and repetition. Our barre and center classes will be recorded and available for you to take whenever you like, as many times as you like!

Online Classes 101

All you will need fo online classes is a little space, and a "barre". A sturdy chair or countertop will work perfectly.

Wood floors work best - carpeted areas will do, but be careful of rolling ankles on an unstable surface. Whenever possible, avoid dancing on flooring that is laid directly over concrete, as it offers very little shock absorption!

Ballet shoes are designed to offer additional support to the arches, so it is strongly recommended that you use soft shoes and not socks!

Our studio flooring is a specially treated wood flooring, overtop of impact-absorbing springs. On stage, we dance on Marley flooring, specially designed to absorb impact. Without these helpful floor options, pointe work can be very dangerous. As such, dancing en pointe at home is not suggested. If you would like to try simple barre exercises, and relevés at home, do so carefully.

Our fitness videos may make use of yoga balls, yoga blocks, mats, resistance bands, pilates rings, and more. If you do not have these elements at home, get creative! A yoga block can often be replaced with a sturdy book. A yoga mat can be replaced with a towel. If you have these items at the GFCB and would like to pick them up, please call!

Ms. Casey is happy to sanitize and pack your belonging for pickup. 



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