classical ballet... 

a daily discipline. a lifelong love.


Classical Ballet is famous for it's discipline. Through this discipline students learn so much more than how to dance. Ballerinas develop a lifelong love of the arts, lasting friendships, as well as an incredible sense of confidence, humility, and self awareness.

If your dancer has a passion for learning, loves to be challenged, and lives to perform on stage, she would be an excellent candidate for the GFCB company. We offer wonderful benefits inspired by pre-professional academies, such as master classes, full-length performances with advanced choreography, lavish costuming, traditional Russian curriculum, and tough discipline, at less than half the price of a typical pre-professional program. While some of our students do aspire to pursue careers in the dance field, we have designed our program to be manageable and affordable to dedicated dancers with academic aspirations and challenging school course-loads. 

Company ballerinas at the GFCB enjoy many benefits and opportunities including:

• Ensemble and principal roles in GFCB semi-annual ballets

• A minimum of 3 dances in each show

• Legat method Russian ballet classes { a cousin of Vaganova }

• Weekly lessons in Pointe, Barre, Stretching, Fitness, Technique, and Contemporary Ballet

• Special Master Classes in Jazz, Salsa, Lyrical, Irish Step, Hip Hop, etc.

• Field trips to The Kennedy Center & more!

• Exclusive GFCB Company apparel

• Private lessons and small-group clinics

• Summer Intensives

• The Teacher Training program

• Internships


Designed as a preparatory program for those who aspire to eventually join Company, Junior Company dancers are eligible for additional roles, and starring roles in our semi-annual recitals, as well as more advanced coursework. Junior Company members are held to a higher standard of decorum, and are expected to always be in uniform code, have excellent attendance, exceed course minimums, and be class leaders. 

Junior Company members will be invited to experience special master classes, attend competitions to support Company dancers, be offered priority registration, be included in Company camaraderie events, and progress at an accelerated pace.

If you are unfamiliar with the world of Ballet, you can think of Company distinction as our version of the All-Star or Travel team. Applicants must apply, be selected, and consistently maintain expectations in order to retain their place.



Once ballerinas have completed their Intermediate coursework, they can apply to join the GFCB Company. There is no age minimum for company, providing that a student has completed the appropriate curriculum, however it is designed with middle and high-schoolers in mind. At this time we do not offer recreational programs beyond the Intermediate Level. 

Our ballet company offers coursework in Classical Ballet, Contemporary Ballet, Pointe, Fitness and Lyrical dance. We produce semi-annual paid performances in full-size theatres. We are not a competition team. Our focus, our passion, and our priority is in producing shows. 

Company members are expected to perform in each show, and be leaders within the studio. Company ballerinas dance year-round, attend master classes and clinics, and have the opportunity to participate in the dance teacher training program.

GFCB Company members are academically driven, and our programs are designed to encourage excellent grades in advanced school courses. Our instruction hours are structured with this priority in mind.

To be a Company member is to join our family. Many of our ballerinas have lovingly called this studio home for over ten years, and we are proud to offer them this encouraging and challenging environment, and to be the home of this close-knit group of incredible young women.

Joining the GFCB ballet Company requires that both the joining student and current Company get to know one another. This process includes multiple complimentary sample classes, a consultation with the headmistress, and eventually registration. To learn more, or if you have any questions, please call. We would love to speak with you!