PRE-BALLEt for ages 2 to 5

Does your little one love to wiggle and dance? Come join our exciting minis program!


Conveniently located in the Village Centre, steps away from Starbucks and shops, our studio hosts a creative exploratory class for aspiring ballerinas. Our pre-ballet program is the perfect introductory course for young dancers interested in movement and music. In addition to learning beginner ballet terms and steps, we focus on lengthening attention spans, sharing, listening to others, and taking turns. Through fun games, exercises and activities, students will improve coordination, practice following instructions, and master the first building blocks of classical dance!


Lessons include music time, story time, crafts, and beautiful tutus for you to borrow!

To join our next session of Minis Classes (available in 5 or 10 week packages), please call!



For dancers age 4 to 10 the GFCB offers recreational Classical Ballet Lessons. Recreational students study Russian Classical Curriculum in the Legat Method, and are eligible for supporting roles in our semi-annual performances. While the uniform code, classroom environment, and technique instruction, are nearly identical to Company courses, some policies and expectations (including attendance and course minimums) are more relaxed. This program is designed for ballerinas in their first few years of formal dance training, and for those with multiple sports and activities.


Ballet is famous for installing a strong sense of discipline, as well as teaching students to have courage, and grace - not to mention the wonderful health benefits that come with improved balance, flexibility and strength. Here at the GFCB we also place emphasis on mastering time management, fulfilling commitments, excellent marks in school and building lifelong friendships. As a close-knit community of dancers, our students are like our family.

To learn more about our programs, curriculum and attitudes, please call!